Dallas Public Library - The Process

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Overview of the Project

In my usability class, I worked in a team on this project to provide the Dallas Public Library with an evaluation of their site from a usability and user experience perspective. We each conducted an interview of a user and synthesized our notes to make user personas. At this time, we also created a protocol which we sent to UserTesting.com. We conducted a heuristic evaluation of the website ourselves. We tested both the desktop version and the mobile version. We then evaluated the results from all of the tests and created findings and recommendations based on the evaluations.

Team Communication


4-week sprint



Our scrum master (Sarah) made a project schedule in Google Docs as a timeline. The first week we made our team charter, listed out our goals, and set up the project by beginning to write the protocols and interview users.

The second week, we met and went over our interviews together creating a user persona. We sent out the protocols to user testing and conducted heuristic evaluations of the site ourselves.

The third week, we synthesized the results from the tests and the heuristic evaluations into findings and recommendations. We started writing the report and edited videos from the tests.

The fourth week, we edited and finalized the report. The project was due at the end of the fourth week.

Week One - Interviews and Test Protocol

As a team, we came up with interview questions to better understand the primary and secondary users of the Dallas Public Library. I interviewed a young mother who went to the Dallas Public Library to find books for her children and herself.

We also went over the Dallas Public Library's goals and website content to create a think aloud protocol. The protocol followed basic procedure encouraging the user to think aloud while completing certain tasks.

Some of the Interview Questions

  1. How often do you go to the library? Why?
  2. Do you visit your library's website?
    1. If so, how often?
    2. What do you do on your library's website?
  3. Do you usually have a book in mind before you go to the library?
    1. If so, do you check online to see if the book you want is at the library beforehand?
  4. Are there any events that the library offers that you attend?

Week Two - Personas and Heuristic Evaluations


As a team, we synthesized the results from the interviews into user personas. We made personas for the primary and secondary users. After the project, I individually made user stories, empathy maps, and journey maps using the information gathered throughout the project.

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Primary user persona


My main HE findings

Heuristic Evaluations

We decided on a heuristic evaluation template to use. Each team member individually completed this heuristic evaluation. Four team members evaluated the desktop version and three evaluated the mobile version.

Week Three - Synthesize

We each watched and took notes on the usability tests once they arrived. After reviewing the tests and conducting the heuristic evaluations, we met as a team and started synthesizing the results.

We made note of the data from the tests and evaluations and our findings. Using this data and what we had learned throughout the entire project, we created recommendations for our findings.


Our data (as we were going through)

Week Four - Finalize



During our last week, we edited the videos from the tests and finished writing our report.

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