Kingdom Strollers - The Process

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Overview of the Project

I worked in a team on this project to provide Kingdom Strollers an evaluation of their site from a usability and user experience perspective. Kingdom Strollers allows users to rent strollers for Disney World. My team wrote a test protocol and then we each conducted a moderated usability test on a potential user. We evaluated the results from all of the tests and created findings and recommendations based on the evaluations.

Team Communication


4-week sprint

Our scrum master (Sarah) made a project schedule in Google Docs as a timeline. We each recorded our time spent working on the project in a timesheet. The first week we made our team charter, listed out our goals, and set up the project by beginning to write the protocols.

The second week, each team member moderated a usability test and scribed for a usability test.

The third week, we synthesized the results from test into findings and recommendations.

The fourth week, we edited and finalized the report. The project was due at the end of the fourth week.


My timesheet

Week One - Think Aloud Test Protocol

During this week, we scheduled the moderated usability tests with a potential user and a team member as a scribe.

As a team, we went over the content of Kingdom Strollers' website. We created a think aloud test protocol based on the main tasks a user would do on the website.

Think Aloud Protocol Tasks

  1. For your first task, I want you to check if a stroller is available for your trip to Disney World next week. You are looking for one stroller for a boy who is 47 inches tall and you're looking for availability from March 11th to March 15th.
  2. Pretend that you and your twins (both 42" tall) are going to Disney for a whole entire week during spring break (March 11th to March 15th). You're staying at the Holiday Inn in Orlando for the duration of your stay. Use Kingdom Strollers to reserve a stroller or strollers for the week that you'll be there.
  3. Okay, pretend it's the end of your trip and you and your kids are ready to go home. You've been staying at a vacation home and the final thing you need to do before catching a flight home is returning the stroller you rented. Using the Kingdom Strollers website, figure out what you can do to return your stroller.

Week Two - Moderated Usability Tests

I moderated a usability test. We used Silverback 3 to record the test. My test participant was a mother with young kids. I read through the test protocol and encouraged the participant to think aloud throughout the test. Immediately after the test the scribe and I wrote quick notes and takeaways.

After moderating the usability test, I scribed for my team members test, taking notes on important moments and quotes during the session.


Quick notes taken after tests

Week Three - Synthesize

We each watched and took notes on everyone's usability tests. After reviewing the tests, we met as a team and started synthesizing the results.

We made note of the data from the tests and our findings. Using this data and what we had learned throughout the entire project, we created recommendations for our findings.

Week Four - Finalize



During our last week, we edited the videos from the tests and finished writing our report.

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